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SSP Is a land survey computation program that consists of different modules, each of which handles different survey computation Task.   

SSP is designed by Surv. Bakare B. Ismail

The levelling computation module was initially designed as a final year project presented to Surveying and Geoinformatic Department, Federal University of Technology Minna, by by Surv. Bakare B. Ismail (mnis.) and Onyeulo Chidiebere under the supervision of late Surv S.A Ajibade (mnis.)

Program modules

The modules in SSP package includes:

  1. Back computation module
  2. Forward computation module
  3. Levelling computation module
  4. Area computation module
  5. Datum transformation module

Who can use Survconic programs?

Survconic program can be used by:

  1. professional surveyors who need program to hand rigorous computation.
  2. professional surveyors With little or no knowledge about Autocad plotting as SURVCONIC writes Your plotting script for you.
  3. Pupil surveyors - handling survey computation during SURCON folio preparation may be very tedious and stressful. Good news for pupil Surveyor as SURVCONIC will hand your computations and plotting for you.
Survconic Pro Login form
Survconic Pro Login form

Survconic pro

This module consist of all the above module in one package. It enable navigation between all the module, that ensure flexibility.

What do you gain by purchasing the Survconic pro

  1. You become a computation pro.
  2. Layout survey become very easy.
  3. AutoCad plotting scale determination problem is solved as Survconic automatically determine scale and text-height for your plotting automatically.
  4. Beacon no., bearing and distance labelling are automatically emplaced using the Acadscript
  5. Extraction of coordinates from site plan or title deed plan (TDP) is super easy.
  6. Site recc becomes very easy as you can view your site location right from your office using the View on Google Button on the datum transformation module
  7. As-built Survey can be performed with an accuracy of 0.05 meter from the office.
  8. levelling Adjust become supper easy including printable variance covariance matrix from the Least Squares Adjustment
  9. Moving data from one computation module is allowed.
  10. Conversion from lon lat to UTM is perfectly handled for you.
  11. Direct printing of data and Importation to excel is possible
  12. Kml file is written for you even without the knowledge of key hole markup language (kml).

The trial version

The trial version of the survconic program consist of all the module in one package. It will run on a trial period of 30 days after which the user will be prompted to purchasing the Pro Version. Download Google drive

The TRIAL version can be accessed by clicking  Google drive or DropBox


problems of downloading and installation solved.

Upgrade for free to every latest version and receive 24 x 7 free perpetual support

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